“The Wand” Local Anaesthetic System

Experience our effective pain control solutions and local anaesthetics on the Central Coast.

Many people do not like having injections at the dentist and find the experience uncomfortable and unpleasant. A common perception is that the injection is uncomfortable or painful due to the needle piercing the skin, but often it can be down to the anaesthetic being injected too quickly.

The Wand is a more advanced and comfortable way for both children and adults to receive local anaesthesia and while anyone can benefit from this system it is ideal for anyone who does not like needles or who has a phobia about injections. It can be used to numb single teeth or large areas of the mouth.

How Does The Wand Work?

The Wand delivers a computer-controlled injection of local anaesthetic, and the delivery of the anaesthesia is guaranteed to be slow and steady and much more comfortable than conventional dental injections. It does not look like a conventional syringe as the Wand consists of a handpiece shaped like a pen and which is attached to the computer containing the cartridge of anaesthetic. The Wand is also held like a pen so its placement is very precise. The anaesthesia is administered through a very small, fine needle at a rate that is perfectly controlled by the computer. We can numb your gums beforehand using a topical gel so you should not feel nearly as much discomfort as a conventional injection.