Saliva Diagnostic Testing

Our saliva diagnostic tests on the Central Coast are important for dental health maintenance.

Your saliva can reveal a lot about your dental health and help us to diagnose a range of dental issues.

Saliva testing can also help us to come up with the right preventative treatments to stop oral decay and diseases that you may be prone to before they take hold. Book in for your saliva diagnostic testing at our Lake Haven practice on the Central Coast.

Why is saliva important?

Many people do not realise the important role saliva plays in ensuring good dental health. It contains important minerals, antibodies and enzymes that help fight off tooth decay and gum disease, and work together to protect your teeth.

Your saliva also helps to keep your mouth fresh and clean, prevents bacteria build up, and contains biomarkers we can examine to reveal whether you’re at a higher risk of developing certain dental conditions.

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What are the benefits of saliva testing?

The information we gather from saliva testing helps to inform our customised dental treatment plans that are aligned to your specific profile. It also helps us to identify the preventative treatments that will have the most positive impact on your overall dental health, and allows us to tailor an at-home oral hygiene program to suit you.

Saliva testing will help us to detect any existing or underlying issues that may be impacting on your dental health and offer fast and effective treatment.

How does saliva testing work?

Saliva is easy and painless to collect and is an effective non-invasive way to quickly diagnose a wide range of dental issues. Most importantly, it examines how well the saliva can neutralise the acid which appears in your mouth from foods and from the bacteria in your mouth. It is the acid which causes tooth decay.

Your dentist may use saliva testing in conjunction with other diagnostic test such as x-rays and dietary analysis to create a detailed picture of your overall dental health – keep in mind, several studies have linked oral diseases with a range of other serious health conditions.

In most cases, early detection and treatment is the key to a fast and effective recovery. Call our Lake Haven practice for saliva testing.