Dentist For Nervous Patients

Book an appointment with our dentists for anxious patients on the Central Coast.

At Advance Family Dental Lake Haven, we take a caring patient-first approach to your dental care. We pride ourselves as a dentist for nervous patients on the Central Coast and will work with you to find a solution to calm your anxiety. If you experience any kind of dental anxiety, we are your go-to dentist on the Central Coast.

How does our anxiety management process work?

We find that when it comes to easing your anxiety, thorough communication is often the key to allaying your fears. Our dentists will explain each step of your treatment process in detail, and will keep you informed about your progress throughout the entire treatment.

We also take an unhurried approach, and can pause your treatment at any time on your signal. This gives you the control to take a rest whenever you need one.

What anesthesia options can I choose from?

We find that many people who experience dental anxiety suffer from injection or needle phobias. We can get around this with general anesthesia or happy gas, that will bring you into a state of deep relaxation with no needles or injections of any kind required.

Do you offer general anaesthetic?

We do offer general anaesthetic to patients who may experience particularly severe dental anxiety. This can allow us to carry out extensive dental treatments while you are asleep and means that we can complete more work in one session than is possible under local anesthetic in the dentist’s chair. This reduces the number of appointments you’ll need to complete your dental treatment.

Get in touch with our team of professionals to manage your dental anxiety. We offer a range of anaesthetic options to help your appointment go smoothly.