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The gift of straight teeth and a properly aligned jaw offers more than just cosmetic benefits. Of course, the cosmetic benefits are important to children and teenagers — later in life, 92% of adults who straightened their teeth reported a major confidence improvement and 80% agreed it was the most important treatment of their lives

For kids and teenagers, it’s even more important to have the cosmetic side of things covered!

Orthodontic treatment can provide a major confidence boost, but there are a wide range of other important benefits — for example, straight teeth are easier to clean and can prevent the buildup of bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease.

Addressing misaligned teeth and jaw problems early can make a huge difference in overall oral health in the future. With this in mind, Advance Family Dental offers expert children’s orthodontics in Lake Haven. Serving Charmhaven, Gorokan, Kanwal and the Greater Central Coast, we’ll explore the best possible treatment methods best suited to your child. 

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Why do we need orthodontic treatment for children at Lake Haven? 

Visiting your local dentist regularly is the only way to know if there are any developmental issues with your child’s teeth and jaw. The sooner your dentist spots a problem, the sooner treatment can get underway and the problem can be addressed.

At Advance Family Dental, we take a holistic and preventative approach to children’s orthodontics in Lake Haven, which is why we prefer to see kids sooner rather than later.

How soon should I book my child for an orthodontic appointment? 

Generally speaking, Orthodontics Australia recommends that children between the ages of seven and 10-years-old visit an orthodontic specialist for a consultation. Most kids want to achieve that stunning smile as soon as possible and in reality, there’s no “best” age to undergo orthodontic treatment.

In the end, it depends on the issue at hand and the urgency of treatment. 

As for general dentist appointments, we recommend making your little one’s first appointment around six months old. If required, orthodontic treatment can begin before your child’s adult teeth erupt — this is especially important for infants who are prone to sucking their thumb or a dummy. 

How do I know if my child needs braces? 

The only real way to know if your child needs braces is to visit your local dentist. However, there are a few key symptoms you can look out for as a parent — for example, if your child’s baby teeth might fall out earlier or later than normal, your child vigorously sucks their thumb or your child has speech troubles, you should book an appointment with your dentist to address the problem. 

Early intervention can prevent further tooth and jaw problems in the future.

Likewise, there’s isn’t an ideal age for your child to get braces. It varies from patient to patient. However, it’s important to note that oral developmental problems can start occurring around the age of seven years old and we recommend booking your child in for an appointment before or when their adult teeth start coming in.

If braces are required, we generally won’t fit them until they’re 11-years-old when their adult teeth have emerged. For more information, contact us for more information about children’s dentistry and orthodontics in Lake Haven. We can book your child in for a consultation and take a closer look at their teeth, jaws and gums. 

How does orthodontic treatment for children in Lake Haven work? 

If required, we will recommend braces to correct your child’s misaligned teeth or jaws. 

Children’s braces work by putting pressure on the teeth over a long period of time, encouraging the teeth to slowly move into the correct position. Kids braces (like most braces) are made up of two main elements: brackets and wires. The brackets are fixed to the surface of the teeth and wire is then attached to the brackets. These are held together using rubber bands. 

Over time, your dentist will tighten the wires to move the teeth into place.

We know lots of kids are self-conscious about getting braces, but there are lots of benefits to getting braces! For one, braces will lead to a near-perfect smile — all you need is patience and perseverance. Plus, you can add your favourite colours to your braces. Each time your child visits the dentist, they can have the colours swapped out. 

Think rainbow braces, festive colours for the holidays (like red and green for Christmas), team colours or, if they want their braces to blend in, we offer white and clear options to make braces disappear into their smile.

For older patients (like teens), we might also recommend Invisalign. Generally speaking, Invisalign is more suited to patients with less complicated dental problems like a few misaligned teeth. Braces are recommended for more complicated problems and jaw misalignments, but for minor treatments, Invisalign is an appropriate treatment option. 

Invisalign features a clear plastic retainer that gently pulls the teeth into place over time. Without the brackets and wires, Invisalign blends seamlessly into your teen’s natural teeth and almost disappears completely! Over time, your dentist will create new retainers to help keep the treatment moving along and move the teeth into place.

The only downfall: your teenager will need to be vigilant in wearing their retainer almost all day, every day, except when eating or brushing their teeth. It’s important to keep on top of Invisalign treatment, otherwise, it will not be as effective as it possibly could be. 

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