Dental Implants

Replace broken down teeth with our realistic dental implants on the Central Coast.

Chipped or missing teeth can have a significant impact on your health and self-esteem. A chipped tooth, for example, can cause tooth decay and sensitivity — a piece of the protective enamel is missing, exposing the inner tooth nerves to hot, cold, sweet and acidic foods and drinks. A chipped tooth can also be prone to infection which, in rare cases, can be life-threatening. 

Missing teeth, on the other hand, can affect your jaw function and impact what you can eat comfortably. Plus, gaps allow neighbouring teeth to drift into unoccupied spaces — if your teeth aren’t in the correct position, you will have issues with bite alignment, general wear and tear, and jaw stress.

With this in mind, it’s important to address a chipped or missing tooth as soon as possible. At Advance Family Dental, we recommend dental implants to replace damaged or missing teeth — dental implants are false teeth that are placed in the jawbone in a series of minor operations. 

These teeth can be removed and replaced whenever necessary, and can also be used to hold a dental bridge or dentures in place. Soon enough, your teeth will be restored and you’ll be smiling with confidence. 

Our dentists are the experts when it comes to realistic dental implants in Lake Haven! Whether you need a single implant or have multiple chipped/missing teeth, we have an affordable solution available to restore your smile. Contact us to book a consultation now!

What are dental implants?

dental implants

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A dental implant is a piece of titanium or another kind of metal that looks like a screw. It is screwed into the jaw where the missing tooth’s roots once were. Over time, the jawbone grows around the implant to hold it in place. Then, an artificial tooth (crown) is attached to the metal to fill in the gap where the missing tooth was.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

A partial or full denture usually requires a plate that covers your entire palate. Alternatively, you will need to support the denture under your tongue — this can trap food that needs to be cleaned out after every meal. Gradually, the gums shrink under the denture, meaning the denture will need to be regularly relined or replaced. 

Dentures also cannot bite with the force of a natural tooth without discomfort or damage. 

Dental implants can solve both of these problems. Between implants and dentures, implants are the most comfortable option and feel most like natural teeth without diminishing your ability to chew. Implants are also much easier to clean than dentures and bridges, meaning there will be less risk of developing future tooth decay and other complications. 

Dental implants are also exceptionally durable, lasting decades without problems or repairs (in most cases). Plus, implants effectively simulate the root of the tooth to help preserve the surrounding bone (much the same as a natural tooth).

What happens during a dental implant procedure?

Considering dental implants in Lake Haven? You might be wondering about the procedure itself. Dental implants are normally installed in stages over a few months with a series of operations and tests — it’s a slow process with quite a few visits to the dentist, so it’s important to be prepared for and committed to the process!

During your first consultation, we will take scans and x-rays so we have a clear picture of where we need to place the implant. Then, we will book the first minor operation to fit the dental implant into the jawbone. You will be given an anaesthetic so you don’t feel pain during the operation. 

Over the next few months, the jawbone will grow around the dental implant. Once the implant is stable, we will create a foundation for the new tooth/teeth and take a mould of your mouth to create an artificial tooth/teeth, 

Finally, we will screw or cement the artificial tooth/teeth into the foundation of the implant.

FAQs about dental implants in Lake Haven

+ Who can have dental implants?

Dental implants are an excellent solution if you have one or more chipped/missing teeth and have a fully grown, healthy jawbone. 

It’s important to note that patients with gum disease or a condition that will affect the jawbone from healing are not suited to dental implants — however, we will discuss this with you and provide recommendations for alternative treatments like dentures or bridges. 

+ What should I expect after the surgery?

After any of the operations, you may experience some bruising, pain and swelling of the gums and/or face, however this is rare. There might also be some bleeding from the gums. You will need to eat soft foods after each surgery to let the dental implant site heal. Otherwise, no special care is required for dental implants — just keep all of your natural and artificial teeth clean by brushing, flossing and booking regular checkups with your dentist.

+ Are dental implants in Lake Haven expensive?

We strive to offer affordable dental treatments for all patients. However, compared to other dental treatments like bridges and dentures, dental implants are considered more “expensive”. If you are concerned about the price of implants, talk to us in your initial consultation. We can discuss payment options and more affordable alternatives to restore your smile.

+ How long do dental implants last?

If you’re in good health and your implants were installed correctly, you have a 99% chance of success with dental implants. If installed correctly, your dental implants could last up to 30 years.

+ Are dental implants limited by age?

No! Dental implants are appropriate for patients of all ages. The only limitation is your health — there are some medical conditions that will prevent the jawbone from growing around the implant. You also need to have a healthy jawbone. Age is just a number!

+ Will the end result look natural?

Dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth — in most cases, their appearance will exceed your expectations! Most patients can’t tell the difference between their natural teeth and artificial teeth. 

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