Health Fund Information

Our Central Coast practice has HICAPS available for fast, convenient claims on the spot.

Advance Family Dental Lake Haven provides our patients with an onsite HICAPS system so you can make a claim on your health fund while you’re at our Central Coast practice. That means you’ll only need to pay the gap between the cost of your treatment and the amount your health fund covers on the day of your appointment.

Do we have relationships with any health insurers?

No. It has been and remains our policy to operate completely independently of health insurers. Our only focus is on what’s best for your dental health, with no thought of what is most beneficial to the profits of your health insurance fund.

We are not an agent for insurance companies and are not influenced by them in any way when it comes to recommending the dental treatment we feel will achieve the best outcome for your dental health.

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Can we help with claim disputes?

Unfortunately not. As we have no relationship with health insurers, we are unable to deal with them on your behalf.

You’ll need to handle any claim disputes with them yourself directly, however we are happy to provide you with any details of your treatment that your insurer may request in order to properly investigate or resolve the dispute.

Do we recommend dental treatments that are not covered by my health insurance?

From time to time we may recommend a dental treatment that is not covered by your health insurance. Health insurance policies differ between insurance companies, so it’s a good idea to check with your health fund if the treatment we recommend is covered by your particular health insurance policy.

Our focus is solely on you, and we’ll always recommend the treatment that we believe is best for your dental health. We also strictly observe accepted rules regarding invoice dating and itemisation.

Contact our administration team at the front desk regarding our health fund claiming process.