Dietary Analysis

Your diet can contribute to cavities and gum disease. We offer expert dietary analysis on the Central Coast.

Many people don’t realise that your diet wields a significant impact on your oral health. Making small changes to your diet can considerably reduce your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

But it’s not just about your dental health. A good diet will also help to improve your general health and protect you from developing a range of chronic diseases. The experienced dentists at our Lake Haven practice on the Central Coast can provide dietary analysis and advice to set you up for a lifetime of good dental health.

Why is my diet important?

Diets high in sugar have been shown to increase your risk of developing cavities and associated tooth decay. Diets that are also high in acidity can lead to the premature deterioration of tooth enamel that is an important protection layer against decay.

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How does dietary analysis work?

Our dentists will ask you to fill out a food diary over the course of a week. You’ll record everything you eat and the time at which you eat it. We’ll then use this information to assess both the sugar content and acidity of your diet.

We’ll also examine the timing between sugary and acidic foods and recommend some dietary changes to support your dental and general health.

What are the common dietary changes you suggest?

We tend to find that snacking habits are the major culprit behind tooth decay. Replacing sugary snacks with teeth-friendly alternatives such as calcium-rich cheese and raw vegetables can work wonders.

We also commonly recommend cutting down your fizzy drink consumption and opting for acid-free drinks such as milk, water and green tea. However, all our dietary advice is customised to each individual patient. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to improving your dental health and what works for one patient my not work for another.

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