Sedation Dentistry

Our sedation dentistry is perfect for nervous patients on the Central Coast.

Does a visit to the dentist fill you with anxiety? The bad old days of painful dentistry are long gone. At Advance Family Dental on the Central Coast, we practice sedation dentistry so we can carry out even the most extensive dental treatments with minimal discomfort for our patients.

We’ll get you back up and on your feet before you know it.

What is sedation dentistry?

While local anaesthetic treats only the specific area that is being treated, sedation dentistry takes a whole of body approach. This is particularly helpful for those who experience a lot of anxiety when visiting the dentist, or in the case where extensive dental work is required which calls for the patient to spend an extended period in the dental chair.

sedation procedure dental treatment

What types of sedation dentistry are used?

At Advance Family Dental in Lake Haven, we can provide you with happy gas. This is particularly helpful where light sedation is required and will help to calm your anxiety.

A mask is fitted over the nose to allow the patient to inhale the fast-acting happy gas. Once the gas is turned off, the gas is quickly eliminated from the body which means you will be up and about in minutes are are able to drive yourself home safely after a prescribed time period.

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

In addition to the obvious benefit of pain-free dental treatment, sedation dentistry also allows our dentists to carry out more extensive dental work than is possible with a local anesthetic alone.

Sedation dentistry is also ideal for anxious patients and will make even the most lengthy appointment seem like it is over in just a few minutes. Happy gas sedation is also completely safe and the effects rapidly wear off.

Contact our team of experienced, educated dentists about our sedation dentistry. We can ensure your dental appointments go stress, pain and anxiety free.