White Fillings

We can fix small cavities with our realistic white fillings on the Central Coast.

Fillings are vital to stop the spread of tooth decay and to restore the strength and structure of damaged teeth.

Our white tooth fillings are made from a hard-wearing composite resin and are shaped and polished for a natural finish that is virtually invisible in your mouth. Visit our Lake Haven practice on the Central Coast for durable white tooth fillings that will stand the test of time.

What are the benefits of white tooth fillings?

White tooth fillings are virtually invisible and are ideal for small to medium-sized cavities. As well as being cosmetically pleasing and offering the very best aesthetic results, our white tooth fillings bond strongly to the surface of the tooth to seal out bacteria and prevent further tooth decay and gum disease.

Our quality fillings are made to exacting standards and will last for many years before they require replacement.

What are white tooth fillings made from?

Our white tooth fillings are constructed from a hard-wearing composite resin that will stand the test of time. Composite resin fillings made from acrylic combined with glass particles are ideal for restoring the strength and structure to weakened or decayed teeth, and it bonds strongly to your natural tooth surface so you can be confident it will stay in place for many years.

What does the procedure involve?

First, one of our expert dentists will remove the damaged or decayed parts of your tooth to ensure the decay will not spread to other areas of your tooth or cause an associated gum infection. Then our hardened composite resin filling with be applied to the damaged tooth and shaped and polished to ensure a natural finish.

Our hard-wearing white tooth fillings are long lasting and will not require replacement for several years, and we offer a range of sedation options if you experience anxiety when visiting a dentist.

Get in touch with the team from Advance Family Dental about our realistic white fillings. We can correct damaged or decayed teeth with pearl white fillings.