Wisdom Teeth Removal

Gentle wisdom teeth removal on the Central Coast.

Many teenagers and young adults suffer from pain associated with the eruption of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to appear and lack of space in the mouth commonly causes complications. In some cases, this results in the need for wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth that only partially erupt – or fail to erupt at all – put the patient at increased risk of infection and decay. This is generally caused by bacteria from food that becomes trapped around the impacted wisdom tooth.

How do I know if I require wisdom teeth removal?

While many patients complain of pain associated with the eruption of wisdom teeth, this is not always evidence of impaction.

Regular digital dental x-rays are typically required to reveal the eruption progress of your wisdom teeth and we recommend that teenagers and young adults schedule regular appointments with our dentists so we can track the status of your wisdom teeth.

This will allow our dentists to develop strong knowledge of the condition of your wisdom teeth and will enable us to recommend wisdom teeth removal only when it is definitely required due to the inability of your wisdom teeth to erupt properly.

wisdom teeth removal

How will my wisdom teeth be removed?

Depending on your particular circumstances, we’ll likely be able to remove your wisdom teeth on site at our Advance Family Dental practice on the Central Coast. The extraction can likely be carried out using local anaesthetic – additional anaesthetic can be provided if required.

Our experienced dentists will use specialised tools to remove any gum tissue or bone that may be covering the impacted tooth in order to extract the tooth in sections or as a whole.

How long is the recovery process?

Most patients recover within a few days of the procedure. Our dentists provide detailed instructions on caring for your mouth post removal and you may need to eat soft foods for a day or two. We also suggest you refrain from smoking during the recovery period.

Book a consultation with one of our experienced dentists to check the health and growth of your wisdom teeth. Regular checkups could be the difference between prevention and removal.