Affordable Dentures in Lake Haven

Restore your smile and invest in your confidence. Consider our affordable dentures in Lake Haven, NSW.

Losing teeth due to tooth decay or trauma can significantly impact your confidence. Your natural smile may have suddenly or completely changed over the years; no matter how it happens, most people will look for an affordable, natural solution.

Complete or partial dentures can fill in the gaps in your smile at an affordable price. Dentures are cost-effective, natural-looking, and do not require dental surgery; instead, our dentists will review your oral health, take impressions of your mouth and make the dentures in our local laboratory.

Advance Family Dental is the leading provider of affordable dentures in Lake Haven and the greater Central Coast. We use the best acrylic materials on the market, ensuring your dentures fit well and look 100% natural.

Getting dentures to replace missing teeth has never been simpler in Lake Haven. Contact us for affordable dental and dentures in Lake Haven today. We’re committed to offering the best dental care in the local community.

Do I need dentures?

Dentures are generally recommended or required when teeth have been lost due to decay, discolouration or trauma. Technically, you don’t need dentures; however, most patients who have lost a tooth or multiple teeth will choose to get full or partial dentures.

Dentures have a wide range of dental care benefits if you are missing a tooth/teeth:

  • Dentures are made for your mouth. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and gums to ensure your dentures fit well. You should be able to talk and eat without any discomfort.
  • Dentures can reduce further dental health problems. If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, you are more at risk of other dental health issues like gum disease. By restoring the function of your teeth, you can minimise these risks.
  • Dentures support your teeth and lips. Dentures restore the fullness of your cheeks and ensure the correct dimensions between your top and lower jaw.

It’s important to note that age is not a barrier to dentures. We can make complete or partial dentures to replace lost teeth, no matter how they were lost. Get in touch for more information about our advanced dental treatments today.

How we make affordable dentures in Lake Haven

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry or getting dentures, we will start with a thorough check-up and an x-ray of your teeth, jaw bone and gums to determine the current health of your smile. We will then take detailed measurements and impressions of your mouth to fabricate your complete or partial dentures.

To ensure your dentures look like your natural teeth, we will compare our collection of acrylic colours to your natural teeth until we find a match.

Then, we will send your impressions to a local laboratory where a gum-coloured wax will be made to ensure your dentures fit well and function properly. Once your dentist is happy with their appearance, the pink wax will be replaced with acrylic and prepared for the final fitting.

We aim to ensure your dentures are as comfortable and natural-looking as possible. For more information about getting dentures in Lake Haven, contact us at (02) 4392 9911 today.

cosmetic dentistry details

+ What kind of dentures are available?

There are two kinds of dentures available: complete dentures and partial dentures.

Complete dentures sit on the gum that covers the jaw bone. As the name suggests, complete dentures are designed to replace all teeth. These dentures can be attached to dental implants in the jaw for extra stability and retention.

Partial dentures replace some of the teeth but not all. These dentures can be attached to surrounding teeth or cover the gum and bone where teeth are missing. Again, dental implants can be used to secure partial dentures.

+ I already have dentures; is it possible to whiten them?

The short answer to this question is no. Over time, dentures will react to foods, drinks, lifestyle choices, and stains, but they will not respond to a whitening kit, solution, or even whitening toothpaste like natural teeth do. Most dentures are made from acrylic materials and cannot be changed or altered after they have been made.

If you try to whiten dentures, you can weaken or damage them. This can call for emergency denture repairs or a complete replacement.

The good news is that the stain or discolouration is likely superficial (like a plaque build-up), and we can treat your dentures with a clean and professional polish at your next appointment. You can also prevent discolouration with a good dental health routine, like regular brushing and flossing.

+ What are the dos and don’ts of dentures?

To keep your dentures in excellent shape, you should:

– Brush your dentures twice daily
– Soak your dentures in denture cleaner
– Brush your dentures before soaking them
– Clean your mouth after removing your dentures
– Rinse your dentures thoroughly after soaking
– Have a professional clean and polish

You should avoid:

– Scrubbing your dentures with a whitening toothpaste
– Attempt to clean your dentures with any whitening products
– Using bleach as a cleaning or soaking solution
– Skipping your regular dental checkups
– Leaving your dentures out to try
– Keeping dentures in overnight.

+ Can I sleep with my dentures in my mouth?

You can, but we recommend removing them. Your gums and jawbone need a chance to relax from the pressure of dentures throughout the day; you should never wear your dentures 24 hours a day. If you have a social occasion, leave some time free during the day to remove and properly clean your dentures and mouth.

+ Can I eat with dentures?

Of course. Learning how to use dentures properly might take some time, but soon you won’t even notice they are there and can eat normally. You may, however, have some issues with hard or sticky foods.

Generally speaking, we do not recommend chewing gum — dentures and gum don’t tend to go together, no matter what kind of gum you try. Gum can get stuck to the acrylic surface of the false teeth, and the gum will harden or discolour over time. Gum even has the potential to break a seal on your dentures and loosen them as a result.

+ Are dentures expensive?

The cost of dentures varies based on several variables:

– The complexity of your case
– Your unique needs and requirements
– The time required to complete the treatment.

If you’re concerned about costs, please feel free to get in touch with our team at (02) 4392 9911. Our reception team can provide some ballpark estimates and more information about dentures, or we can book you for a consultation before committing to dentures.

+ Can Medicare cover my dentures?

Unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t cover dental unless it’s for children under 17 years old. Medicare might cover part of the appointment to prepare your dentures for fitting, but the dentures will not be covered.

You might get some financial assistance if you have a private health fund. Be sure to check your cover before investing in dentures — some insurance policies only cover minor dental work like check-ups and cleaning, whereas dentures are sometimes considered major dental” and are covered.

Checking your policy in advance will prevent any unnecessary surprises or unexpected costs.

+ What other dental services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of dental services, including but not limited to:

Paediatric dentistry
Routine check-ups
Cosmetic dentistry

Contact us for more information about our dental services. Our compassionate team is on hand to answer any questions and book routine check-ups.

+ I have dental anxiety. Do I need to worry when getting dentures?

If you have dental anxiety, talking to your dentist about how dentures are fitted can help ease your mind.

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