Dental Mouth Guards

We create custom dental mouth guards on the Central Coast. Perfect for high impact sports.

Sport is valuable part of a healthy childhood, however many contact and non-contact sports can put your kids at risk of a dental injury. Sport-related impacts may chip, break or even knock teeth out – all of which can be costly to fix.

We believe prevention is the best medicine and a custom mouth guard is the best way to protect your children’s teeth and jaw.

Why is a custom mouth guard required?

We advise against purchasing generic mouth guards that are not custom fitted to your children’s teeth. Premade or non professionally made mouthguards can worsen the risk of injury in sport.

Properly made mouthguards need to be carefully made by experts to reduce the risk of injury.  Our expertly made guards provide much more effective protection, are more comfortable to wear, and can be easily fitted at our Advance Family Dental practice in Lake Haven on the Central Coast.

How is a custom mouth guard made?

We’ll take a detailed impression of your child’s teeth and jaw then use this impression to manufacture a custom mouth guard right here at our practice on the Central Coast.

We use premium German polymer materials which have been selected for their superior shock-absorbing qualities.

You can also choose from a selection of colours and custom inscriptions, plus we offer a wide range of designs to cater for the particular protection requirements of specific sports.

How do I care for my custom mouth guard?

It’s important to thoroughly clean your mouth guard after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria and be sure to store it in the provided container away from direct heat.

The mouth guard will need to be replaced with an updated model as your child’s jaw grows and their teeth develop, so it’s important to schedule regular appointments with our Central Coast dentists so they can let you know when a new mouth guard is required.

Book an appointment with one of our dedicated dentists to have dental mouth guard fitted and designed. You can reach us via (02) 4392 9911.