Post Operative Advice

Feel safe and supported with our expert post operative advice on the Central Coast.

Our caring team will provide you with detailed verbal and written post-operative instructions after every significant dental procedure. Below are some of our common post-operative recommendations, however don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your specific post-operative recovery process.

After tooth extractions

A small amount of bleeding is normal in the 24 hours following a tooth extraction.

To stop bleeding, place a damp piece of gauze over the socket and bite down to exert firm pressure on the site of the bleed for 30 minutes. If significant bleeding persists, please contact us immediately.

You’ll also need to refrain from smoking, vigorous activities and consuming sharp or hot food and drinks for 24 hours following the extraction. Ice packs and analgesics are useful for managing pain, swelling and bruising following a tooth extraction. Rinsing with salt water starting 24 hrs after extraction and continuing for 5 days is also beneficial.

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After root canal treatment

Moderate pain following a root canal treatment is expected in some cases and can generally be managed with analgesics such as Panadol and Nurofen. However, if you are experiencing severe pain or if the pain gets worse after three days, please contact us so we can ensure an infection is not present.

Ongoing pain and swelling

Some dental procedures such as tooth extractions carry a small risk of infection.

If you notice that the pain following a dental procedure gets worse during the four to five days after the initial treatment, it’s important to contact us. An infection may be present and could require treatment with a saline solution and antibiotics.

Swelling and bruising are also common after a major dental procedure, but these should both begin to subside within four to five days following treatment. If swelling or bruising gets worse after four to five days, an infection may be present and require further treatment.

If you have any concerns at all following dental treatment, please contact us. Our dedicated dentists would be more than happy to provide further information or treatment.