Fluoride Treatment

Protect your teeth with our professional fluoride treatments available on the Central Coast.

At Advance Family Dental in Lake Haven, we believe that prevention is the best medicine.

Regular fluoride treatments are an effective way to protect your teeth against decay and prevent a range of dental health issues. We offer convenient and affordable fluoride treatments for children and adults.

Simply book an appointment at our Lake Haven practice for a fluoride treatment on the Central Coast. A fluoride treatment can be as simple as swirling a professional-strength mouthwash during a routine check-up or it can be administered manually.

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to harden tooth enamel. It is found in the New South Wales public water supply and in some foods. Dentists can also apply fluoride to your teeth to help protect them from decay.

We recommend regular fluoride treatments for children aged between six months and 16 years, and adults can also benefit from fluoride treatments.

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How does fluoride help teeth?

Teeth are coated in enamel that helps to protect them from decay. However, this enamel can be eaten away by bacteria and acids in your mouth due a diet that’s high in sugars or starches. This process is called demineralisation and leaves your teeth without enamel protection and therefore vulnerable to the spread of decay.

Fluoride treatments rapidly speed up the remineralisation process to protect your tooth enamel and fight off tooth decay.

What does a fluoride treatment involve?

A fluoride treatment couldn’t be easier. We’ll give you a professional strength mouthwash to swirl after routine check-ups that will coat your teeth in a fluoride solution.

There are also several other ways we can provide fluoride treatments. Fluoride can be manually painted on to the surface of your teeth, administered via a mouth tray, or even prescribed as a tablet or liquid supplement if required.

Book an appointment with our dedicated dentists and get a professional fluoride treatment to protect the enamel of your teeth.