Mouth Rehabilitation

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Do you require full mouth rehabilitation, reconstruction or restoration on the Central Coast?

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What is full mouth rehabilitation?

Also known as mouth reconstruction or restoration, full mouth rehabilitation refers to a range of treatment options that can be used to rebuild all the teeth in your upper and lower jaws. It aims to restore not only the cosmetic appearance of your teeth and face profile, but also to help you regain your bite strength for pain-free chewing.

When is full mouth rehabilitation used?

Full mouth rehabilitation is commonly used to repair or replace a large number of damaged teeth that have been destroyed due to significant trauma or decay. It is useful for repairing teeth that have been chipped, fractured or otherwise injured.

Mouth rehabilitation may also be useful for repairing damage caused my grinding or clenching associated with Bruxism, and for treating long-term acid erosion due to reflux. Ongoing dental problems and jaw disorders like TMJ can also benefit from full mouth rehabilitation treatments.

What does a full mouth rehabilitation treatment involve?

Full mouth rehabilitation usually consists of multiple procedures depending on your specific needs. These may include dental crowns and bridges, implants, root canal, full or partial dentures and oral surgery.

A full mouth rehabilitation begins with a manual examination that your dentist will use to diagnose any dental issues and create a treatment plan.

Your dentist will then take you through your treatment plan and explain each step so you are fully aware of the treatment process and the results it aims to achieve. We’re always conscious of your budget, and will help come up with affordable solutions where cost is an issue.

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