Jaw Pain & TMJ

Ease jaw pain with our TMJ dentists on the Central Coast.

We provide expert TMJ & Bruxism treatment on the Central Coast. We provide a range of solutions to treat jaw pain associated with TMJ & Bruxism.

TMJ (also known as TMPD) causes inflammation of the jaw joints which are located near the ears. Bruxism, on the other hand, is a disorder that causes the sufferer to grind or clench their teeth, usually while asleep. If you are experiencing jaw pain, come and see us at our Central Coast practice.

What are the symptoms of TMJ & Bruxism?

Both TMJ & Bruxism can place unnecessary pressure on your teeth, gums and jaw joints (known as temporomandibular joints). This can cause unpleasant symptoms including facial pain, discomfort, difficulty chewing and persistent headaches.

If you are suffering from TMJ or Bruxism, you may also experience a popping sound when you open and close your mouth. Clenching and grinding associated with Bruxism may also cause chips to your teeth along with tooth pain.

How is TMJ & Bruxism diagnosed?

Diagnosing TMJ & Bruxism is painless and easy. If you suspect you are suffering from TMJ or Bruxism, simply book an appointment at our Central Coast practice. Our experienced dentists will conduct a gentle examination of your teeth and jaw. If necessary, recommend the right treatment option for your condition.

What are the treatment options for TMJ & Bruxism?

TMJ & Bruxism can usually be treated with a custom-designed mouth splint that the patient wears at night while sleeping. It encourages the jaw into a more relaxed position to stop the clenching and grinding of teeth during the night and separates the upper and lower teeth to allow an opportunity for your jaw to heal from any associated damage.

We can custom make your mouth splint in-house at our Central Coast practice from thermoplastic or hard acrylic depending on your specific needs.

Book a consultation with one of our professional dentists to solve your jaw pain issues. We relieve pain and provide educated treatments to get your smile back on track.