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Achieve straight teeth and jaws with our Central Coast orthodontics team.

Looking to achieve the perfect smile? At Advance Family Dental, we’re here to help with the latest orthodontic treatments on the market. Our dentists have spent many hours training in the art and science of orthodontics, so we can effectively treat both children and adults with all kinds of dental problems and concerns.

Our Central Coast orthodontics team can assess the current positioning of your teeth and jaws, then provide educated recommendations about the best treatment option for you.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, we will take x-rays and photographs of your teeth and jaws, then track the progress of your treatment over time. We can also make adjustments to your treatment to ensure we achieve your cosmetic goal in the end.

Let’s create the smile you’ve always wanted. Book an orthodontic assessment online now and we’ll discuss the right treatments to improve the look and health of your smile.

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What is an orthodontist and what do they do?

An orthodontist is a dentist with additional masters degree training in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities including misaligned teeth, uneven chewing, under or overbite, jaw pain. Orthodontists also specialise in facial growth, development, biology, and biomechanics.

Orthodontics is an overarching term for the treatment of dental or facial irregularities. A dentist may be able to perform some orthodontic procedures, but they are not classed as an orthodontist.


In Australia, there are two different types of dentist who may carry out orthodontic diagnoses, planning and treatments:

  1. Specialist orthodontists. These are dentists who have completed additional university masters level training specialising in orthodontics. This full time course completed over several years equips the orthodontist with the broadest and deepest knowledge and training in orthodontics, allowing them to treat a wide range of complex orthodontic problems.
    In our practice, the most difficult orthodontic conditions are often referred to orthodontists because of their superior experience in treating difficult cases.
  2. General dentists who also perform orthodontic treatments. General dentists can gain orthodontic qualifications through a variety of training from one weekend courses to multi year part time courses.

When there are so many orthodontic training options it can be difficult as a patient to judge the quality of training your prospective dentist has.

Among our Central Coast orthodontics team, our dentists have completed countless hours of postgraduate orthodontics training, with our dentists having completed one of the most world-renowned training programmes available to general dentists, a two-year part-time programme with extensive theoretical and practical training. [Name of the programme?]

This training coupled with continual updates and shorter training courses allows us to treat the vast majority of orthodontic problems. We have a great working relationship with local specialist orthodontists and often refer patients with complex or difficult treatment needs outside our scope of practice to them for specialist treatment.

A third orthodontic treatment option has recently emerged in the form of direct to public companies selling clear aligners. These services are often provided without any dentally qualified staff directly assessing the client and with a greatly reduced level of planning and diagnosis. The Australian dental profession looks very unfavourably on these providers due to the lack of professional monitoring of patients. What treatment supervision does occur is done remotely with photos via smartphone. Many problems would be impossible to detect in this manner, so it’s possible that incorrect movements and damage to teeth and gums may continue without detection.

Do I need an orthodontist or a dentist?

Both specialist orthodontists and regular dentists with orthodontic training can perform a range of orthodontic services. Which professional you see will depend on the complexity of your orthodontic issue and your personal preferences.

At Advance Family Dental we’ll help you make an informed choice by firstly determining what type of orthodontic problem you have, then determining whether our orthodontic team is the right fit for your problem. If your problem is very complex we will usually suggest referral to an orthodontist right away.

If your orthodontic needs are within the scope of our treatment abilities, which is usually the case, we’ll give you the choice of who you would prefer to undertake your orthodontic treatment. Some patients feel more comfortable having us perform their orthodontic treatment because they have been our patients for years and have developed a level of trust and understanding with us and are often understandably daunted by the prospect of seeing a specialist they don’t know.

Treatment at our clinic is often more convenient location-wise and in many circumstances may also be less costly, simply because an orthodontist’s fees are usually significantly higher than those of a general dentist. On the other hand, some patients prefer to have their treatment performed by a specialist orthodontist for a variety of reasons. We completely respect each patient’s own right to choose for themselves.

Feeling unsure about what level of orthodontic treatment will work best for you? Give us a call or submit an enquiry to make an appointment with us today – no referral needed. We can help create the smile you’ve always wanted.

What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

Misaligned teeth can be a pain to clean and care for. Leaving misaligned teeth as they are can even increase the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. Likewise, a misaligned jaw can cause pain and discomfort over time, increasing the risk of worn down, broken, or fractured teeth.

Orthodontics can help treat these problems or prevent them altogether.

Orthodontics can help straighten and improve the function of misaligned teeth, reduce the risk of tooth decay, distribute the force of chewing evenly across all teeth, and decrease the wear and tear on your jaw joints.

Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident when you smile!

When should my child have an orthodontic assessment?

Our Central Coast orthodontics team takes a preventative, minimalist approach to dental care and orthodontics – so, we recommend that children are booked in for an orthodontic evaluation at around six or seven years old when their permanent molars and incisors come in.

This early appointment is crucial so we can track their tooth and jaw development over time.

In this initial appointment, we will also recommend any orthodontic treatments to correct problems that will require more extensive treatments later in life (if necessary). We can also help correct thumb sucking and other unwanted oral habits.

Multiple dentists on our team have a special interest in paediatric dentistry. Thanks to our experience, we take a friendly, relaxed, and professional approach to kid’s dentistry, ensuring your child feels comfortable in the chair and will learn more about how to care for their teeth.

Book your little one an orthodontic evaluation online today!

Can adults have orthodontic treatment?

It’s never too late to have orthodontic treatment! Most orthodontic problems can be treated just as successfully in adulthood as they can at a younger age. Advance Family Dental can work with you based on your unique needs and budgetary requirements.

Adult braces using clear or ceramic brackets are a popular solution to misaligned teeth in adulthood. Braces are an effective and affordable option, but if the aesthetic is a concern, we can use Invisalign to treat minor problems. Invisalign is a thin clear plastic retainer that is almost invisible – and it’s becoming a popular option for our patients.

Ceramic vs Invisalign02

Invisalign is an excellent option for adults who are concerned about the look of braces and might detract from their professional or cosmetic appearance. However, we tend to recommend traditional braces for more significant corrections because they can tackle almost any dental problem that comes our way.

Let’s achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Book an appointment with our Central Coast orthodontics team!

We have two convenient locations in Swansea and Lake Haven Shopping Centre, so our dentists can treat patients from all over the Central Coast. We have multiple dentists at both practices who can provide orthodontic treatment – from braces to Invisalign, orthodontics for children and adults, and even treatment for TMJ & Bruxism (jaw pain).

Get in touch for more information about our specialist services – or book an appointment online now! We have appointments available for your orthodontic assessment.