Dental Check-Up Central Coast

Bi-annual dental check-ups are essential for maintaining your dental health.

Are you looking for expert dental care for your children on the central coast? The friendly dentists at our Lake Haven practice are very experienced treating kids and we’re dedicated to ensuring that your young children have a positive first experience at the dentist.

We believe that this will set them up for a lifetime of good dental health and is essential to their overall wellbeing.

When should I book my child’s first check-up?

It’s best to book your child’s first routine dental check-up when you notice their first teeth begin to erupt, or by their first birthday if no primary teeth have erupted.

We then recommend bi-annual check-ups (one every six months) for young children so we can track their teeth and jaw development and alignment. We’ll also keep an eye on their gum health, and can often identify and reverse the early signs of tooth decay.

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What dental treatments will my child receive?

Our expert dentists may recommend fluoride treatments to protect the developing teeth of your young children from tooth decay.

We can also fill cavities before your child suffers the symptoms of toothache, and may order digital x-rays to assess the development of your child’s teeth and jaw. The state of the art x-ray machines at our Lake Haven practice on the Central Coast have been specially designed to emit very low levels of radiation and are completely safe for children.

What if my child is scared to visit the dentist?

Our friendly dentists are highly experienced in childhood dental care and are very practiced at putting small children at ease. We focus on fun so your child has happy memories of their first visits to the dentist, and the family-friendly reception area at our Lake Haven practice is well stocked with toys and games to keep your kids occupied before and after their dental check-ups.

Book a regular checkup with one of our experienced dentists on (02) 4392 9911. We can keep your smile feeling fresh and healthy for years to come.