Diagnostic Technology

Our Central Coast team has access to the latest diagnostic technologies on the market.

At Advance Family Dental Lake Haven, we use the latest state of the art diagnostic technology to ensure no dental issue goes undetected.

Our experienced dentists have access to some of the most advanced diagnostic technology on the Central Coast and we use our innovative tools to provide the best possible outcomes for our many satisfied patients.

What diagnostic technology do we use?

From digital dental x-rays to saliva diagnostic testing, we can diagnose a wide range of dental health conditions right here at our Lake Haven practice on the Central Coast.

We can also conduct dietary analysis to reveal how your diet is impacting on your dental health, and our pain-free oral cancer screening uses cutting-edge laser technology you can trust to catch any abnormalities early.

dental diagnostic technology

Why do you use diagnostic technology?

At Advance Family Dental Lake Haven, we never rely on guesswork or assumptions.

Cutting-edge science underlines everything we do, and the latest diagnostic technology allows us to reveal a very detailed picture of your dental health. We use this to craft effective treatment plans that are tailored to your specific needs and don’t inflate your bill with unnecessary treatments you don’t actually require.

I’m not experiencing any symptoms. Why should I bother with diagnostic technology?

Our diagnostic technology isn’t just about revealing existing dental diseases. It’s also very effective for identifying the preventative treatments that are best suited to your specific profile.

For example, we can use dietary analysis to identify changes you can make to your diet that will reduce your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease, and testing your saliva can help us identify risk factors for a wide range of dental diseases that we can work to prevent before they take hold, and prevention means better lifelong dental health and no large dentist bills in the future.

Get in touch with the team from Advance Family Dental in Lake Haven for more information about our modern diagnostic technologies. Using the latest in dental tech, we can diagnose and treat dental issues quicker and more effectively.