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Looking for an experienced dentist for kids in Lake Haven? Look no further than Advance Family Dental. We welcome all families and are dedicated to building long-term relationships with all of our patients.

Our kids’ dentists on the Central Coast understand the special dental needs of kids and teenagers. Our in-house dental therapist specialises in children’s dentistry, so your kids will be comfortable, confident and educated each time they visit us for a check-up. Plus, we have dentists who specialise in orthodontics, so we can provide intervention services to ensure your child’s teeth stay healthy and straight.

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Our treatment options

Our paediatric dentists in Lake Haven offer a wide range of dental treatments for kids, from routine check-ups and cleaning to complex orthodontics.

Our dental services include:

We use special equipment that has been designed to cater for smaller mouths and prevent unnecessary discomfort for your kids. We’re well-equipped to provide all of the paediatric dentistry your children need!

Providing education to help children learn how to care for their teeth

At Advance Family Dental, we love educating kids about dental care and oral health. Teaching kids effective dental care techniques will set them up for a lifetime of good dental health and stop tooth decay and gum disease in its tracks.

Throughout the appointment, we will explain everything we’re doing and why, so your child will be comfortable and knowledgeable whenever they visit. Plus, we’ll provide tips on proper dental care and diet in a fun and engaging way, ultimately setting your kids up for a lifetime of excellent oral health.

Our waiting room is designed to keep kids happy and entertained

We understand that keeping kids entertained while you’re with one of our dentists can be challenging. The good news is that our waiting room is very child-friendly, with plenty of entertainment to keep your little ones occupied before their appointment or while waiting for other family members.

Think books, toys and television — your children will have lots to do while waiting for the dentist!

About the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Advance Family Dental is part of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), meaning part or the full cost of some dental services for kids may be covered. If you are deemed eligible, the CDBS can cover up to $1,026 over two calendar years for each child and can sometimes cover essential services like check-ups, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canal therapy, and extractions.

The CDBS is available for eligible children aged zero to 17 years old for at least one day of the current calendar year and is also eligible for Medicare.

Usually, you don’t need to do anything to access CDBS payments. You should receive a letter from the Australian Government confirming that your child’s dental care will be covered under the CDBS. If you haven’t received this letter or you are unsure about your eligibility, we recommend reaching out to Services Australia.

For more information about the CDBS and how it works at our practice, contact us at (02) 4392 9911 today

FAQs about our kids’ dentist in Lake Haven

+ What kind of education do you offer for kids?

We offer information on tips on how to start brushing and flossing correctly, how much toothpaste is required (a pea-sized amount), how to keep a healthy diet, and so much more. We’re always happy to answer any questions you or your child have about dental care.

+ When should I start bringing my child in for check-ups?

You should book your child in for a check-up by the time they’re one year old or when their first tooth comes in — whatever comes first.

+ How often should I book a check-up for my child?

You should bring your child in for a check-up once every six to 12 months. However, your dentist will let you know how often to book an appointment.

+ Does my child need braces?

No, not all children need braces, but we specialise in orthodontic dentistry. We will keep track of the movement of your child’s teeth, and if we determine that braces are required, we will provide a quote and a well-thought-out treatment plan.

+ My child is nervous about going to the dentist. What do you recommend?

It’s important to remind your child that there’s no need to worry about going to the dentist and explain to them what will happen at the dentist in a simple, positive and honest manner. You might even book an appointment in the afternoon after your little one has taken a nap or has had a good day.

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