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Oral cancer is one of the world’s most common cancers. It can affect the tongue, lips, cheeks and soft palate of the mouth, and in recent years the rate of oral cancer has been increasing in Australia. Approximately 6.5% of the world’s oral cancer cases are Australian

It is certainly becoming a bigger concern in modern society — but the good news is that if detected early, oral cancer has an impressive 90% survival rate.

Oral cancer screening is essential for early detection and treatment. To book a mouth cancer diagnosis test in Lake Haven, contact us on (02) 4392 9911 today.

oral cancer screening lake haven

What causes oral cancer?

The main risk factors associated with oral cancer include tobacco and alcohol abuse. However, there are a wide range of other risk factors including:

  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)
  • Family history of mouth cancers
  • Poor oral hygiene and gum disease
  • Exposure to the sun.

Oral cancer shows very few symptoms in its early stages which is why it is important to take mouth, tongue and throat cancer very seriously and book regular screening appointments at our Lake Haven clinic. Even if you are experiencing no symptoms at all, we still recommend scheduling an oral cancer screening appointment at least once per year.

What symptoms should I look out for?  

Early-stage oral cancer usually presents minimal or no symptoms which is why it’s important to schedule an annual mouth, tongue and throat cancer screening even if you are experiencing no symptoms.

Early detection and treatment are vital so if you notice lesions that don’t heal within a few weeks, begin to have difficulty swallowing or feel like you have something stuck in your throat, notice changes to your voice, feel lumps or rough areas in your mouth, see red or white patches of tissue or experience changes in your natural bite or the fit of your dentures, it’s important to schedule an immediate oral cancer screening with Advance Family Dental.

What is involved with an oral cancer screening?

During a mouth cancer diagnosis test in Lake Haven, your dentist will examine the inside of your mouth including your lips, tongue, throat, neck and soft palate of your mouth. Your dentist will look for mouth sores, red or white patches in your mouth, lumps in your neck and/or throat, and any other abnormalities.

We will also use a state of the art laser light called Identafi® that makes healthy tissue appear dark and abnormal tissue appear white. 

We will examine your mouth using three different wavelengths that reveal any abnormal cells that may require further investigation by an oral or maxillofacial surgeon. In this case, we will provide a referral for you.

Other FAQs about our mouth cancer diagnosis tests in Lake Haven

  • Is there a way to prevent oral cancer?

    Yes — 59% of mouth cancers in Australia are caused by smoking and 31% are caused by excessive alcohol consumption, so quitting smoking and drinking in moderation can significantly reduce the risk of mouth cancer.

    Cancers of the lip are often associated with UV exposure, so it is important to protect yourself from the sun when the UV is 3 or above.

  • How often should I get tested?

    We recommend booking in for an oral cancer screening once every year, even if you aren’t having any symptoms. There are often minimal or no symptoms in the early stages of oral cancer, so it’s better to be safe and get tested annually.

  • What happens if my dentist finds something unusual?

    If your dentist finds abnormal cells or tissue in or around your mouth, they will refer you to an oral or maxillofacial surgeon. The next step will be to take a biopsy and complete further testing for cancer cells.

    We know the process can be quite nerve-wracking but testing and early detection are crucial. You are in good hands with your dentist, doctors and oral surgeon, even if no cancer cells are detected.

  • How do I take a more active role in preventing oral cancer?

    To help reduce the risk of oral cancer, we recommend quitting smoking, drinking in moderation (or not at all), using sun protection and maintaining a healthy diet. However, there are more proactive ways you can minimise the risk — for example, you can complete self-examinations once a month.

    Using a bright light and a mirror, examine the inside of your mouth and look for any sores that haven’t gone away or have grown, as well as any unusual patches of red or white tissue.

    Examine and feel your lips and gums, tilt your head back and look at your throat and the roof of your mouth, check the lymph nodes in your neck for swelling and lift your tongue to look underneath. If you notice anything unusual, book an appointment with your dentist immediately.

    It is important to remain vigilant with check-ups. Book your mouth cancer diagnosis test in Lake Haven today.

  • Does Medicare cover oral cancer screenings?

    Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover dental — even oral cancer screenings. However, if you have a private health fund, you might be able to get some coverage there. Be sure to check with your private health insurer and ensure this is covered under dental.

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