Dental X-Rays

Our Central Coast dentists can look deeper into your dental health with our advanced x-rays.

X-rays are a vital diagnostic tool to ensure your good dental health.

The state of the art x-ray machines at our Lake Haven practice on the Central Coast harness the latest technology and emit very low radiation. This makes them completely safe and ideal for creating a detailed picture of your overall dental health that will inform the treatment plans we create for you.

How are x-rays used?

Our experienced dentists use digital x-rays to help diagnose a range of dental issues. They are also useful in many cosmetic procedures and assist in the assessment of the health of your jawbone.

X-rays may also be used to identify impacted wisdom teeth, and bitewing x-rays are commonly uses to identify cavities.

Our dentists can also examine the health of your tooth roots with periapical x-rays that will show any abscesses that may not be visible to the eye. Panoramic x-rays are also used to identify fractures, cysts, impacted teeth and infections with a broader picture of your entire mouth and jaw.

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How often are x-rays required?

The frequency of x-rays are dependent on your risk of developing tooth decay.

If no significant tooth decay is currently present, we usually recommend that you have a dental x-ray once every two years. However, if you have a history of significant tooth decay, we may recommend more frequent x-rays.

If you have never had a cavity, then we may suggest that you leave longer than two years between x-rays.

Are dental x-rays safe?

Our Lake Haven practice on the Central Coast is equipped with the latest state of the art x-ray machines that are specially designed to emit very little radiation. This make our x-ray machines completely safe. However, as a precaution, we’ll only recommend dental x-rays when we believe they are required for ensuring your good dental health.

Book a consultation with one of our professional dentists. We will complete dental x-rays at a low, affordable cost and ensure your teeth are as healthy as possible.