Our Technology

We have invested extensively in some of the latest technologies with the aim of providing the best and highest level of quality services to our patients. Our technology includes:

  • Intra-oral camera which is a tiny camera that can fit inside your mouth. It enables our dentists to take high quality and extremely detailed images of your teeth which can be displayed on a computer monitor. You will be able to see any problems with your teeth or gums which can provide you with a much clearer understanding of your dental health and the treatments required to correct any problems.
  • Digital dental x-rays show areas of your mouth hidden from view and are extremely safe as they only emit very low levels of radiation that will not present a risk to your health.
  • The Wand is a computer controlled local anaesthetic delivery system that reduces discomfort during injections and which is ideal for nervous patients or for anyone with a low pain threshold.
  • Identafi is an oral cancer screening laser that is helpful for the early detection of oral cancers and other diseases that affect the soft tissues in the mouth.

In addition, our practice uses the highest quality and most recently developed dental materials so patients can benefit from beautiful and life-like restorations, for example our E-Max pressable crowns combine strength with aesthetics.